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We Plan & Design And Your Weddings That Capture The Imagination

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Making Dreams Come True

We understand and feel the importance of the days and events in the client's life and always try our best to make their adorable moments turn into cherishing memories. We learn at each wedding and that helps us to be perfect, sometimes clients do learn from us too, which makes us believe in the way we execute weddings.

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Recreating your favourite courtship moments and giving it the best look under the lens to be preserved for a lifetime! Pre wedding shoot is a grand one with drone and chroma effect OR destination shoot is what THE ROYAL WEDDING can arrange for you!


We understand the importance of every single event and rituals. Be it traditional or Hip Hop we arrange the best design and effects to make every moment memorable. We plan from pin to tent. You dream it and we plan it.
choreography, song and theme selection to huge lavish led and sound set up for the stage to Bollywood entries and special effects for the performers is what we can get you on the sangeet day!

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Their cherished memories can be yours too.As Royal Weddings keep equipping and upgrading skills, it just gets better with every passing days

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